The Authentic Community Leadership 2013 has kicked off.

AND, it’s not too late to join. We’re keeping the doors open for one more week, so you haven’t missed the boat yet!

You can find more details, and sign up, here: Details of the Training

Doors close at 5pm PST this Thursday 24th.

To give you a taste of what goes on during the course, we have a short clip from the first call, detailing an assignment we’ve given to everyone in the course.

Below is the text of the assignment as well, but be sure to listen to the audio as well for extra context.

Whether you decide to join the course or not, we hope you try out this assignment, and that it serves to deepen your relationships and your community.


Robbie, and the Authentic World Team

“Who have I been to my community” Assignment mp3 (right-click to download)

The “Who’ve I Been For My Communities?” assignment

You’re going to interview at least three people, preferably from different groups in your life, and ask them the following questions:

* How do you imagine our group seeing me?

* What do you count on me for?

* What do you not count on me for?

* What do you see me distinctly offering people?

* What do you see me distinctly failing to bring to people?

* Tell me about a specific instance I contributed to you personally. What was the impact of that?

* Tell me about a specific instance I had an unpleasant impact on you. What was the most troubling part of that for you?