Decker and I had a blast putting this together —

It’s a breakdown of some archetypical roles in community we’ve noticed over the years, along with the specific people in our community who fill those roles. More on this below.
(Download a larger-font, editable version here)

(Download a larger-font, editable version here)


Assertion #1 – Everyone has essential gifts to bring to a community.
Assertion #2 – Recognizing and Celebrating each person’s gifts is an essential aspect of Community Leadership.

And, while the Art of Deeply Seeing people ultimately defies any nice neat categories we can come up with, these possibilities can definitely get your wheels turning.

Question: What combination of these types do you see in yourself?
And beyond that…Who are the people in your life who do, or could, bring the gifts you see here?

You may look at these roles and be struck by how little of ANY of these roles are actually being filled by the people in your social circles. This is a sign of rich opportunities for deeper contribution for everyone involved.

And, if you find someone that doesn’t fit into these categories, GREAT — this is an opportunity to distinguish and celebrate the unique gift THAT person brings!

Leave us a comment below telling us what archetypical role(s) YOU play in your social circles/community… (whether it’s in this matrix or not!)

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