People love to be seen!

The gift of feeling seen can be incredibly powerful.

This acknowledgement practice is a way for you to contact your love and appreciation for someone in your life, and share it in a way that will have them feel it deeply, and also feel seen by you.

Here are the steps:

1. Choose the Person
2. Name the Moment;
3. Express the Impact (and FEEL it);
4. Share your Impression.

1)CHOOSE THE PERSON in your life you’d like to share love & appreciation with.

This can be anyone in your life. Acknowledgements are a great way for you to share with someone appreciation you’re already feeling, and they can ALSO be a powerful way to ACCESS more appreciation for someone you find it difficult to appreciate.



Your Girlfriend

A co-worker

2) NAME THE MOMENT & EXPRESS THE IMPACT: Pick a moment when you were impacted by this person and distinguish the impact

Put your attention on this person. Find a moment when you were impacted by them — when you felt or experienced something in relationship to them. You should be able to fill in the blanks in this sentence:

“When you / we / I _______, I felt/experienced ___________”

This step is vital! By zeroing in on a specific moment, you ground your acknowledgement in your experience, and it helps you both FEEL what you’re sharing while you share it. It often takes a little searching to find a specific moment, but it is well worth it!

Also, a note about the “I felt/experienced” part. The more you are able to own your experience in this part, the more clear the acknowledgment.

What do I mean by “own your experience”? Simply, to describe the truth of that moment in a way that can’t be argued.So not “You were kind”, but “I felt contributed to”; not “You’re strong” but “I felt safe.”

This part, sharing the impact, is where you can have them feel your love and appreciation for them.


Dad, when you told me you wish I’d visit more, I felt wanted and loved.

Suzie, when I came home and you stood in the doorway, bouncing on your feet like a little kid, I felt joyous and playful.

John, when you said that you would stay late in the office to finish that report, I felt supported and relived.

3) SHARE YOUR IMPRESSION: Put your attention on the person you want to acknowledge, imagine them doing the thing you’re acknowledging them for. Ask yourself the question, “What kind of being would do that?” What is it about them in particular that would have them do this thing?

It might help to imagine what other possible responses could have happened in that situation. What would someone else have done? Or, actually put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re acknowledging. Imagine being them. What do you get?

Now fill in the sentence stem:

“From that, what I get about you is _________”

This is your opportunity to have them feel seen. Now, when you’re sharing what you get about someone, you are always in the realm of projection. You are no longer sharing your unarguable truth. But don’t let that stop you! Just know that what you’re sharing is an offering, and that it may fit for them or it may not.


What I get about you from that is that family and history are important to you.

What I get about you from that is that you can get totally filled up with excitement.

What I get about you from that is that you are committed to our shared vision, and I can count on you.

4) The final part, is to put those two parts together, and deliver it to that person in your life. The special sauce when you’re delivering an acknowledgement, is to actually be feeling what you’re saying as you share it. This is why dialing into a specific moment is so powerful.
So, those steps once again:

1. Choose the Person
2. Name the Moment;
3. Express the Impact (and FEEL it as you share it);
4. Share your Impression.

That’s it. Go forth and acknowledge the people in your life — both with those you find it easy to love, and those you sometimes struggle with.

Then let us know how it went in the comments below!

Happy Holidays,



Acknowledging someone requires attention on your experience to yield the most potent fruits. To support and encourage you in doing this, we’re launching a contest.

Prize: Free entry to any one of our 2012 trainings tuition up to $1000.

Rules: Craft an acknowledgement for someone in your life, write it down and post it in the comments, or record it as video or audio and post a link. NOTE: Multiple entries encouraged!! The winner will be the person who really goes for it — acknowledgement(s) that we are most touched and impacted by. Remember to share the acknowledgement with the person in your life as well!